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.uk, .uk, .uk domains registration

Zone Info
.UK is the so-called country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of the United Kingdom.

Zone Use
An .CO.UK Domain is normally used by companies who are located in the UK or who have business relationships with the UK.
A .ME.UK Domain is normally used by individuals who would like to have their own personal domain beneath .UK.
An .ORG.UK Domain is normally used by Organisations who are located in the UK or who have business relationships with the UK.
A .US Domain can be used and registered by anyone or any corporations who comply with the registration guidelines (see restrictions).
Characters (Min.3, Max.63)
Letter and numbers, hyphens "-", however not at the beginning or directly infront of the TLD.

Price    50$ for 2 years    44$ for 2 years    54$ for 2 years

Domain registration   

Registration period
2 to 2 Years


Nominet UK

Dispute Policy

5 min.


Registration System
5 min.

.UK Domain Transfers are possible. Please note that when a .UK Domain is transferred successfully, the remaining registration period is kept. The domains will not be extended by one year.

Transfer procedure
- The domain owner has to contact his current registrar and ask him to change the so-called Registrar-Tag to "KEY-SYSTEMS-DE". When this has been done, the domain transfer has been completed successfully.

- Please note that you still must initiate the domain transfer through RRPproxy, so that we can assign the domain, as soon as the transfer has been successful.

Transfer notes
Please do not forget to initiate the transfer, even though your current provider only has to change the REGISTRAR-TAG.

Transfer time
depends on current registrar

Deletion notes
- .UK Domains are autorenewed and billed on expiration date

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