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VPS servers hosting plans comparison

N Configure Setup Pricing Pricing for 6 mo Pricing for 1 year  
1 VPS 2020-01. RAM: 1 GB, SSD: 25 GB, 1xCPU 0 $12,0 $10,8 $10,2 Order
2 VPS 2020-02. RAM: 2 GB, SSD: 40 GB, 1xCPU 0 $24,0 $21,6 $20,4 Order
3 VPS 2020-04. RAM: 4 GB, SSD: 80 GB, 2xCPU 0 $55,0 $49,5 $46,8 Order

Virtual Private Servers: Virtual Private Servers (VPS servers) technology allows you to share server costs with other users, but gives you total control over your own applications. Virtual Private Servers run in kvm virtual machine and you have root access inside your VPS.

Features included with every VPS server hosting plan
  SSH root access
  VNC/spice on request
  1 IP addresses (up to 4)
VDS servers hosting technology divides up the disk space, resources, and network space. Each VDS has its own operating system. If a VDS on the same physical server crashes, it will not affect any of the other accounts on the server.

What is the main difference between VPS and dedicated hosting?
The only difference between VPS and dedicated hosting is that in dedicated hosting you have an entire server, its hardware and resources, physically to yourself. With VPS, you are sharing the hardware with a few other VPS accounts thereby reducing the cost but also taking a step backwards in performance as you do not have 100% of the resources. It is designed for those moving up from shared hosting but not quite ready for dedicated yet. Remotely a dedicated and a VPS account look and function the same.

    Each VPS
  • Appears to have its own processes, users, files and provides full root access
  • Each has its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules
  • Each could have its own configuration files for the system and app software
  • Each could have its own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones
  • Each could delete, add, modify any file, including files in /root, and install its own application software or custom configure/modify root application software.
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