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.ORG domain registration

Zone Info
.ORG stands for "Organisation" and is a so-called generic Top-Level-Domain (gTLD)

Zone Use
A .ORG can be used and registered by anyone or any corporation / organisation.

Characters (Min.3, Max.63)
Letter and numbers, hyphens "-", however not at the beginning or directly infront of the TLD.

80$ for 1 year
Domain registration   

www.. org      
Registration period
1 to 10 Years


Public Interest Registry

Dispute Policy



Registration System

.ORG Transfers are possible. Upon successfully transfering a domain, it is automatically renewed for one year. The registration period is extended by one year.

Transfer procedure
- .ORG Transfers can either be done through the RRPProxy WebInterface or Socket Access.

- Please note that you need a signed request from the registrant before you initiate the transfer.

Transfer notes
a.) Please do a WHOIS-Query for the respective Domain first. If you see correct WHOIS information, then a .ORG must be transfered with a "auhtorisation code", which must be obtained from the current registrar. If the WHOIS Query results in "SEE SPONSORING REGISTRAR", then this domain can be transfered similiar to a .COM or .NET Transfer without the "Authorisation Code".

b.) Ensure that your respective domain does not have a lock-status (REGISTRAR-LOCK or HOLD). This can be seen in the WHOIS. If the domain is locked, then the owner can demand that this be unlocked.

c.) Ensure, that the Email-Address of the Admin-C. is active.

d.) Initiate the transfer on time and not just shortly before the domain expires.

e.) Please ensure that the domain is older than 60 days otherwise the transfer will be denied.

Transfer time
1 - 2 weeks

Deletion notes
- .ORG Domains can be deleted at any point in time
- The autorenew grace period of .ORG Domains is 44 days.
- The billing of autorenew domains takes place on the 45th day
- Pending Delete Restoreable is 30 days - Domain can be restored against a fee of 125 USD
- Pending Delete Period is 5 days - Domain cannot be restored

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