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    Services for corporate clients:

Post office

For companies we offer a Post office service. For each Post office plan there is some number of email boxes POP3 / IMAP4, you can choose a suitabe post office plan according to the required number of e-mail boxes. The owner can control the creation, removal, customization of e-mail boxes by a web based control panel.
For detailed information about our post office plans & prices click here. If you require a larger number of mailboxes - please feel free to write us.
IMAP4 is a new mailbox technology designed so that multiple users can access a single mailbox in an organized manner. It keeps track of messages which have been unread, deleted, etc. This is very useful when you need to know what messages have been attended to or not. Many companies use this feature for large customer support mailboxes which more than one employee will be handling.

Techsupport service tools

For firms which provide techsupport services we offer a complete solution. It enables you to service a large number of users over the internet. The software which provides these services solves the following tasks:
  • Receiving and tracing the status of each request for techsupport services online;
  • Detailed tracing of questions and answers connected with each problem. An employee of the test support service can trace each step, undertaken for reaching a solution;
  • Distribution of the user's requests between tech support employees;
  • Search and finding of typical solutions;
  • Browsing the archive of solved problems in detail;
  • Maintenance services to an unlimited number of users.

Our software is a handy tool for the creation of F.A.Q lists.
For such a solution we offer a service, which includes hosting Plan2 & database MS SQL Server 2000 - 50Mb. The Setup fee is $55, monthly service cost is $90.

Technical Support Tools

Web server & data base

If your copmany has a web site which requires a lot of server's resources and it is crowded inside the shared solution Plan , we offer you to rent a dedicated server. You'll have systems administrator's rights to manage it over the Terminal Server. If you need the help of our systems administratior, we offer you this service, our fee is $75/mo. As an extra service we can give you MS SQL 2000 database, the size is 100Mb , only for $40/mo. Feel free to write us any time:
Dedicate server 1

Web server & data base Server

If you need a more efficient solution, which requires a dedicated web & database server, we can offer you these. The configuration of the server depends on your requirements and wishes. As an extra service we can offer you daily backup for an additional fee.
We can configure cross backup for this solution, when a web server backups the data on the database server and vice versa.
Dedicate server 2

In case you need a more complex solution, please feel free to write us, we will help you to design, implement and service it.

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